Blue Harbor Car Wash

Fast and efficient, Blue Harbor Car Wash is an experience like none other. Patrons come from miles around to take advantage of the speed, quality, and professionalism here. If you've never had the opportunity to experience it yourself, take a moment to enjoy it via our virtual experience...

When you pull up to the Blue Harbor Car Wash, you will discover that many others have the same idea as you! However, being busy does not slow this program down. Two lines keep the incoming cars moving smoothly. A friendly attendant greets you, ready to take your order from their vast menu of services. After you place your order, you are directed into the Car Wash where other smiling attendants meet you with t-shirts that remind you to place your car in neutral. A conveyor belt pulls your vehicle into the automated wash, while the efficient attendants add the personal touch of hand washing tires. A mirrored exit allows you to see the beautiful wash job your vehicle just enjoyed!

If you choose to have the interior cleaned as well, you are even more impressed at the speed and efficiency of this perfected process! With as many as four or five attendants on a car at a time, your wash and vacuum job is done before you know it!

So, what makes the Blue Harbor Car Wash different from the next guy? Attention to detail. From complimentary air freshener to free windshield repair with certain washes to air-blowing out the water that puddles in your side mirrors, these guys don't miss a thing.

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2963 U.S. Highway 190 · Mandeville, LA 70471 USA · Phone: (985) 727-2629 · Fax: (985) 727-9501